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The Cyclone

Coaster: Ok, here’s the first of several photo essays. Now keep in mind that this is only go to be up a VERY short time. In a few days, I’m going to delete the temp directory, and once that happens, that’s the end of this entry. Well, the entry will remain, but the pictures will be gone. Here’s is a link to pictures from another website while the park was open Off-site pix. Note, that the link does not go to my website, nor are the pictures on the linked website mine, but rather included as a reference to images from the past. I’ve provided technical details behind this cut.

Roller Coaster: Cyclone
Zipper Amusement Park: Williams Grove Amusement Park (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055 USA)

Classification: Roller Coaster Type: Wood - Sit Down Status: Operated from 1933 to 2005

Categories: ACE Coaster Classic Track layout: Out and Back Length: 2300' Height: 65' Drop: 60' Inversions: 0 Trains: Single train with 2 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows for a total of 12 riders. Built by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. Restraints: Seatbelt and Single position lap bar.

History: Damaged by fire on 9/25/1995 followed by the station and a portion of track collapsing under the weight of snow of on 1/26/1996. The roller coaster remained closed though the 1996 season while repairs and restoration were made under the supervision of Jim Mickel and Roy M Benjamin. The roller coaster reopened on 6/20/97 after $500,000 in repairs. The name was changed from Zipper to Cyclone to match the name on the trains used from the Palisades Park Cyclone.

Pictures: I’ve included the following pictures behind the cut. There are a lot of them, well maybe not so many, but they were all recorded in IR. I took all these pictures. The camera was a Nikon D1i calibrated to a Nikkor 18-70 AF-S VR lens.

The old station

Cyclone train at the station

The first lift hill out of the station

First drop—weeeeee

Now time to go up

Train ride underpass

Midway through the ride

Time to head back

Video: the following YouTube was not done by me. I added it only to show as a contrast what this coaster once was. I make no claim to ownership of the video.

Education video ride.
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