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Hello everyone.  This will be my first post here.  As a young (18) new college student at my community college, I have rather large dreams.  Becoming a photojournalist.  I'm working on getting my associates in about a year, then moving to NYC.  I was just wanted to ask some questions from fellow photojournalist who probably have more experience than me.  (Both in the field and in life)

First off, I suppose what kind of camera do you prefer?  I'm looking to buy a digital SLR sometime in the future, but the most I've done with cameras has been film and in the darkrooms.  (Which, I think is a dying art.)
Did you go to college for photojournalism?  Did you major in photography? Journalism? Did you even go to college?
How did you get into the field?  Internship?  Free lance? Or you just kind of...do your own thing. 
...I guess just...how did you get to where you are?

I know that this is what I want to do.  Since high school, I've realized that I'm going to change the world.  Granted, at first it was via my poems and stories (Which I don't think I will ever give up) but I've got a strong new love for photojournalism.  And I want to change the world, and I think that this is a way that I can do that.  I just...am slightly nervous about doing so, and maybe getting on the wrong path at some point.

So, thanks for any help/advice/stories...just anything that you would be willingly to share with someone who is a bit naive at this point...

thanks again.
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