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goose fight

Such fights are spent annually in the beginning of spring when at birds there comes the marriage period. Geese of different age categories — from a year fight (them name adapters) till four years, and also is more senior five. Goose fight is deprived cruelty, and the bloodsheds, all losses are reduced to down and feathers. Lethal outcomes are excluded. Goose fights were considered as a traditional Russian fun which has appeared in XVI century. Before revolution goose fights were very popular in Russia, but after 1917 the tradition has died. And only inhabitants of Pavlova have managed to save up fighting geese. Is, the truth, goose fights in Tula and Chuvashiya - but all not that. Even in days of the Great Patriotic War hunters starved, giving the modest soldering to birds. The first fight after war has taken place in 1946. On factory owners of geese the militia hunted. To the Soviet power for some reason the national entertainment has suited not to taste. Fights were arranged illegal. Chiefs considered that geese fight for money, and all time tried to cover this underground tote. They did not understand Russian soul. In Pavlovo the legend about a gander which till 20 years continued to participate in fights goes and was invincible to the death. But gusevody-professionals consider these cock-and-bull stories as fables. And fighting geese find eternal rest in tombs. Whom the truck will knock down, whom the dog will tear to pieces. Elderly geese are silly. I think that if they all life fought, any dog it not the contender. Dangerous error, however ». (с) Alexander Padalkin
photo: Beznosov Mikhail (;

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